TOMI TEN is a licensed inbound tour operator with the Queensland Government, licence number TBA.

TOMI TEN complies with the Tourism Services Act 2003 with specific regard to the code of conduct for tour operators and tour guides, the prohibition of unconscionable conduct and the promotion of sound business practices.

TOMI TEN is an adventure company which provides a completely different and memorable travel experience for young women aged 20 plus. It is designed for women who want to do something quite different, live like they’ve always wanted to live, truly let themselves go and create lasting memories.

The goal of TOMI TEN is to build confidence and establish a platform of self-belief and empowerment in young women. It is hoped that this foundation of strength and self-belief will encourage women to step forward and step up and fortify them against the vicissitudes of life.

TOMI TEN is a premium tailored Australian adventure which also gives you the chance to meet and socialise with young, interesting Australian guys.

EXPERIENCE great fresh food and the wonderful culture of Australia.

DISCOVER AND LEARN new things – abseiling, kayaking, scuba diving, whale watching (in season!).

MEET Australian locals.
LIVE like a local – the best bars and night activities.
Let’s do it together!